moxy (moxie)
noun informal \mäk-sē\

- Spirit, courage, force of character, determination, nerve, the willingness to go out on that proverbial limb: when you’ve got moxy, you need the clothes to match.


The documentary


After escaping from Nazi Germany on the eve of WWII, Colorado College professor Fred Sondermann returned to his homeland in 1969. This thoughtful first person narrative based on Dr. Sondermann’s memoirs from that time, takes the viewer along on the journey. By example, Fred Sondermann walks the viewer through the experience of the return, contemplating victimization, the nature of blame, the appropriate issuance of forgiveness and the determination to move forward unburdened by ghosts of the past.

Return has been selected for national distribution by American Public Television, a leading distributor to public television stations for more than 50 years.

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Return is a finalist for the award:

"Excellence in Filmmaking"

by the Pikes Peak Arts Council


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