Dog Dreams, (2006)
Produced for the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region
In this one-minute short, a dog’s dream life—running in the park, playing with friends, and chasing squirrels—is interrupted by the reality of her life in the animal shelter. Then, one day, she finds that dreams can come true.


Mirror, Mirror (2007)
Out shopping one afternoon, a middle-age woman watches the world of youth and beauty passing her by. Briefly fantasizing about the young woman she once was, she feels old and foolish until she experiences a renaissance moment.


A Dog’s Day (2007)
Produced for the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region
Otis is a mutt living on the streets. He is tough and street-wise, but longs for companionship. Though he has stayed one step ahead of the authorities, Otis is apprehended and taken to the Humane Society, where he ultimately finds what he has been longing for.



Another Chance (2009)
Produced for fundraising web page on NFT
Michael Noble is 18 and about to graduate high school when he loses the function of both kidneys. His only hope for a normal future is a life-saving kidney transplant. Will he find a donor? Will he have another chance at life?


Return (2010)
When Fred Sondermann escaped, along with his parents, from Nazi Germany in 1939, he never imagined what it might be like to go back there. Most of his friends and family, including his beloved grandmother, perished in the Holocaust. But when he was offered an opportunity to travel to Germany to lecture on American foreign policy in 1969, he said yes. This forty-minute documentary, adapted from Dr. Sondermann’s writings, explores the experience, the emotions and the conclusions of an American Jew returning to his German past.

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